Monday, March 15, 2010

University Night Life

I definitely had a good nite chillaxin with my homies after Univeristy. Hah.

Went on the Ave (what else?) and ate Mongolian, had some good conversation, then went to WoW (bubble tea). ::sidenote:: dont order the passion fruit milk tea.

Anyway. Yeah so that was fun times. I didnt lose at Jenga. I did sound smart when F was throwing out questions from the game Cranium. I knew Oscar Wilde said the quote....doh. I don't remember. Maybe I'm not that smart after all.

Then I finally got to check out the "jail" dorm, Mercer Hall. Man. I feel for ya Mercer-onians. Its all brick wall, and old, and farrrrrrrther away from campus then Lander is. Poo.

They even have to come to Terry Cafe for sustenance (food). Well we did have a fun time just hanging out, S being the computer fixer, and finding new ways to be a to pirate. Movies, that is.